"I just wanted to thank everyone enrolled in the 2013 STEMABILITY program at Virginia Tech. Each and everyone of you did a fantastic job of making our 2 day stay at VT insighful, informative, and so very inspiring. I feel much more confident in sending my son into a STEM field knowing what amazing resources, caring faculty, and top-notch students you have at VT. While at first reluctant to highlight my son's learning disability by grouping him into a general category of students with disabilities, Dr. Ted Conway, did a perfect job of addressing that in time we may all be faced with some form of disability and that our students, who may think and learn differently, are exactly what this world needs. If only our local schools could do the same. I feel that this event has done more to encourage and empower my son than anything else so far in his academic experiences. I will do my best to inform more students, parents, and the local schools to tap into the wealth of opportunities that your program provides. Thank you so very much!"   (From a parent)